Saturday, June 18, 2011

Available Presentations - Speaker's Bureau

Preview of available 1 hour RC Team Modules for Your District and Club Events... presented by your RC Team....

Do Gooder! Dead Beat! Party Time! Does your Rotary Club have a personality? (jp) Find out.......  This membership module will survey your membership to help you determine what kind of personality your Rotary Club has. Do you think globally or locally.....Are you check writers or hands on workers? This membership tool will help you recruit new members and focus in on meeting the needs of your members and community.

The Rich Tapestry: Membership Diversity in Rotary Clubs (bw) What does "diversity" mean? We have a rich heritage of diversity principles that has helped define our country, our legal system, and Rotary. See how it all fits together, how it is ever-changing, and why it is one of the bedrocks of our organization. This is an introductory version of a half-day Graduate Course of The Rotary Leadership Institute.  

Member Retention (tm) A simple tool to help clubs develop an awareness of what their recruitment and retention issues are, and steps on how to fix them. 

Four Steps to Successful Membership Development (tm) A 4-step process for identifying and achieving your club's membership goals.   

Membership Resources (ac)

Membership is hard work! Want to make the job easier? Learn your "P"s and "I"s (jp) This membership module will walk you through the process (P) and incentives ( I ) that make finding a Rotarian a lot easier than you think. You'll be able to develop a game plan to get a qualified perspective Rotarian to join your Rotary Club.

Red Badge for Dummies (nb) Need to know how to engage your new members and keep them interested? Here's a down-and-dirty, hands-on solution.  

District Leadership Development Opportunities (ac)

Effective Tool or Monkey Wrench?: Using Rotary's Club Assessment Tools (bw) How do Rotary club leaders plan? Is your club diverse in members, including by vocation? Are your existing members happy? Do you know what made members leave your club? How old is your club? Are you churning through those 1-5 year Rotarians? Learn to put the right tool with the right issue!  

Double Your Pleasure: Dynamic New Club Extension (nb) How do you pick a location for a new club? How do you find those charter members? How about e-clubs or less traditional formats? Follow us down the yellow brick road to new club success! Call us!

General Information about the RC Team Modules 

Time: 1 hour.

Audience: general Rotary audience, assume general level of Rotary knowledge

Facilitator: One of the RC Team or other experienced facilitator

Goals: should be 1-3 learning goals for the session

  • 5 min: Introduction of Facilitator, Welcome
  • 5 min: Roadmap of goals, talk & activities
  • 10 min: lecture or discussion leader format (may be 2 separate 5 min segments) can include powerpoint or prepared flipchart, handouts
  • 15 min: first facilitated activity, i.e., small group, build something, read & share with partner-group, draw something, develop a talk, etc. 
  • 5 min: transition-instructions
  • 15 min: second facilitated activity and/or sharing with the assembly some or all group ideas, flip chart, reporting back, etc.
  • 5 min: close, summary of goals, thank you: 
  • Powerpoint (available, but optional for facilitator) Use RC Slide Template in your 2011 RC Zipdrive
  • Goals for Session/ Copy of Slides
  • Materials suitable for your Activities
  • Recording Sheet for Facilitated Activities/ Take Away Items
  • Facilitator Bio
  • RC Team Handout or RC Team Business Card 

Zone 33 Speaker's Bureau ... other presentations of interest

The Rotary Leadership Institute Faculty. Contact: Sandy Duckworth,
  • What is RLI and How Can it Benefit Your Club?
  • RLI Event & Curriculum Update
  • Mini-RLI for Your Club: Captain's Choice
  • Strategic Planning for Your Club: Get the Picture! 
Tim Mannix. Contact:
  • Finding Success (or how to keep your head screwed on straight)
Bevin Wall. Contact:
  • The Superhero in You: Finding your Rotary Super Powers
  • Vocational Service: The Key to Saving Rotary?
  • Rotary Update: 20 Questions Answered in 20 Minutes
  • Building Strong Clubs using the RI Strategic Plan 
John Capps. Contact: 
  • 7 Habits of a Highly (In)Effective Rotarian
Myles Golden. Contact:
  • Find Them - Get Them - Keep Them
Abe Clymer. Contact:
  • Training and its Impact on Membership Viability 

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